chairperson chair‧per‧son [ˈtʆeəˌpɜːsn ǁ ˈtʆerˌpɜːrsn] noun chairpersons PLURALFORM or chairpeople [-ˌpiːpl] [countable]
COMMERCE someone who is in charge of a meeting or who directs the work of a committee or organization; = CHAIR:

• The elected Chairperson and Vice-Chair will serve a term of 2 years.

* * *

chairperson UK US /ˈtʃeəˌpɜːsən/ noun [C] (plural chairpersons)
MEETINGS a person who is in charge of a meeting, committee, or organization: »

As chairperson, you will schedule regular meetings with each committee head to discuss issues and updates.

See also CHAIR(Cf. ↑chair) noun, CHAIRMAN(Cf. ↑chairman), CHAIRWOMAN(Cf. ↑chairwoman)

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